About Me

Happy Birthday to....ME!

My birthday has come and gone, and although I'm sad the festivities are over, MAN did I have a great time!

It was just a "small" get together with close friends and family. However, as I'm sure you've noticed via my earlier posts...my small family consists of a small army. And I couldn't live without any of them!

Mama used Henry's chalkboard to outline a few of my stats. I was a little leary about putting my weight out there, but figured I'd be a positive example for all little girls out there. Plus, when you look this adorable...

My grand entrance:

Loved the banner - and this wall of pictures! I really couldn't get enough of myself...

Playing outside was one of my highlights. (Aside from the upcoming cupcake nibbling!)

Even had a chance to do a little horse back riding.

Then it was time to bring on the cake!

I rarely turn away food...but especially not cake!

Then presents were opened. I'll be honest, this was probably my least favorite part. I'm still finding my way around all of Henry's toys...adding more seemed overwhelming! Thankfully, Henry and friends were all over it.

Finally a moment with my party planner...

And my number one fan club! I love these whackadoodles!

I'd say my first birthday was a BIG success - and am kind of sad I have to wait a whole year until the next one. Of course it'll take me that long to complete all of my YEAR TWO bucket list items. So many milestones to hit - so little time...

Giant Bunny Yielding Goodies

This year, for Easter, we headed to Grandma Janet and Grandpa Denny's house. Grandma Marsha & Grandpa John also joined us for the festive weekend, and boy did I have fun!

I like to help mama pack whenever we go. Mostly just the food...

When we got to our destination, I began my job of entertaining the ladies!
Chillin' with Gigi...
Grandma Janet is such a ham!....

These two are my best audience...
Then - some giant fur ball came and left me a basket full of AWESOMENESS!

Pretty adorable bunny...if I do say so myself...

This purple stuff looked like it would've tasted better.

Next I ate a plastic egg. Marginally better than the purple grass.

Enjoying Grandma Janet's goodies!
Hoping the Easter bunny and I cross paths one day soon, so I can thank him for my goodies. But nothing was as sweet and fulfilling as spending a weekend surrounded by my biggest fans...I'll take that any day!

Winter Recap

What a WILD ride my first winter turned out to be. I can't believe it's already summer! Before I move onto that, though, I wanted to recap the last couple of snowy months. I enjoyed so many great visits, visitors, trips...I thought I'd bring you along through a series of snapshots. Enjoy!!

Weekend away with friends:

Sledding with Harper!
Smile Kiddos!

The Whole Gang!
 Clayton Invasion!

Having a snack with Uncle Matt

Sledding with Style
Catching a ride with Uncle Max

This snow was blowing. my. mind.
(Video inserted - must visit website to view)

I LOVE me some fleecy jams. 


 More indoor fun:

Think I need one of these...mommy agrees.

Indoor fun - Henry's puzzles!
And outdoor fun:

Snowball fight!

Siblings that ride together...

It's not a pink Cadillac...but for now, it works.

I didn't think that white fluffy stuff would EVER leave...but I'm happy to report that it has! More updates to come on just what I've been up to since..(I promise!!)


I should clarify - staycation for Henry and I, for mama and daddy, it was a vacation to Seattle. Daddy had some work to do and mama went along for moral support and to enjoy time with some of her favorite people... besides me of course!

While they were away, Grandma Janet & Grandpa Denny took some time off from their kitchen remodel to stay and play with us.

I had such a great time... take a look!

I kept them moving... because I'm moving now!
Dancing with Grandpa

Grrrrr....(my monster pose)

We went bowling... well, Henry did. I was a great cheerleader.
Baby blues!

Huh, this seems easy... know what this needs? Live music...

Perfect! And he took requests... plays a mean ABC's!

 Clearly, I enjoyed myself. I hope they did too!